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Metamorphic stone formed millions of years ago due to the action of extreme heat and pressure. Marble is simple "changed" milestone that due to the heat and pressure, has crystalized, melted and re-cooled. Coloring is extremely varied and often accompanied with lots of veining and other mineral deposits.


Perfect for floors and walls in your kitchen, living room, bathrooms and showers.


Sedimentary stone formed millions of years ago due to the action of water and heat. Water and gases percolating through the stone give travertine its characteristics holes PERFECT FOR KITCHEN FLOORING, SHOWER WALLS and FLOOR, LANDSCAPING AND MORE.


Granite: Ingneous stones formed millions of years ago under conditions of extreme heat. Hard and crystaline in nature, granite is most often seen polished PERFECT FOR COUNTERTOPS, FIREFLACE, FLOOR AND WALL.

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